Frequently Asked Questions

HRBenefix works with a local broker to secure the best solutions for our clients on medical, dental, and supplemental insurance including Aflac.

If you have a Worker’s Comp Policy that you want to keep, you can keep it. If you are willing to let HRBenefix shop it out for you, we will look for savings at every turn! As well, we will take care of the annual reconciliation of worker’s comp premium and/or the annual Worker’s Comp Audit, at our work site instead of yours. We keep all payroll files in the HRBenefix office, another advantage of engaging HRBenefix to be your payroll and human resources provider.

HRBenefix handles all responses to the department of labor, both for employment verification and unemployment claims management. We fight for our clients so you can continue to focus on your business and will attend all unemployment hearings as part of the service.

HRBenefix can assist with interviewing and employee terminations. We also offer guidance and training to help your team improve hiring practices.

HRBenefix takes over responsibility for filing all payroll related taxes, we give you the assurance that all local, state and federal payroll tax filings will be processed and paid accurately and on time!

You will be responsible for the day to day operations of your business, we will provide all the employment related support to allow you to focus on your core business.

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